After a hard winter cycle of preparation in the gym and on the ergometer, female and male rowers will continue outdoor training.

Men’s crew continues preparations for the regatta, which is much closer. The plan is also in international regattas in Zagreb and Nantes.

It is essential that we kept things from last year, which is certainly an excellent prerequisite for quality work on the water or in the boat. In the winter season the guys made a huge progress and now the emphasis is on the water. From now, crew is preparing for competitions and I can say that for now everything is going according to plan and program. The chance for proving we’ll have in about a month when you start the first international regatta, for which we are preparing. The highlight of the season is going to be in September at the National Championships in Serbia which want to improve last year’s standings. In this season, we have set more goals and great progress – said Filip Pejović, member of the men’s eights.


When it comes to women’s crew, after a dominant performance at the 24th national indoor competition and won the first three places, began preparation for Split’s regatta.

The winter season was really long and tiring but the now we are satisfied with the form. After the first training outdoor I can safely say it was worth it to go for the winter preparation cycle. In the name of the female crew would like to thank the men’s part of us that is always available when it comes to the organization of training on the water.– said Marija Nikolić, a member of women’s eights and a silver medalist at the National indoor Championships.

In addition to the Men’s and Women’s Eight, the outdoor season  also began for beginners, how will have first experience with rowing on the water.

Rowing Club “University of Belgrade” would like to thank Mr. Zoran Radulović and Rowing Club “Grafičar” whose boat is currently used for training and with whose competition crew together preparing for upcoming competitions.

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