Rowing Club “Belgrade University” was founded in 2006 at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences (FOS) in Belgrade. Modeled after the popular university clubs, Oxford and Cambridge, but also in the tradition of rowing clubs from the Netherlands, who have a tradition of more than two centuries, the desire for bringing university rowing back to life and competing in this unique sport, group of students of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences  comes to life at the Belgrade University. And in 2006, under the name “Rowing Club FOS”, students of this faculty had performed on regatta in Delft in the Netherlands, where they met with the functioning of Dutch university rowing clubs and where they have gained significant experience in and friendship for students rowers from the Netherlands.

In 2008, “Rowing Club FOS” was changed to Rowing Club “University of Belgrade” with the aim of following the example of other university rowing clubs, especially those who are its cultural and social characteristics are close to us, to develop and organize the student rowing on what growing number of University of Belgrade and the University as a whole. The development of the student rowing in Serbia must be in accordance with the possibilities, conditions and way of studying with us, but in line with available funds that are allocated for these and similar initiatives, projects and activities. Due to the size of the University of Belgrade is planned to be organized student rowing rowing through several sections which would be related to individual schools and that would be integrated within the rowing club Belgrade University.

From 2006 until today, the club members have participated in numerous university rowing regattas held in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, the Netherlands, France and Hungary, and achieved remarkable results.

Key moments in the history of the Club:

  •  October 2006 – Established the Rowing Club of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences “RC FOS”.
    September 2007 – Renaming “Rowing Club of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences” in “Rowing Club University of Belgrade.”
    October 2007 – Official support of the Student Parliament of Belgrade University rowing club “Belgrade University”.
    January 2008 – The Rector of the University of Belgrade, doctor Branko Kovačević expressed his personal support for the rowing club Belgrade University”.
    Jun 2009 – Donation of women’s rowing eights rowing club of “Trinity” from Oxford, organized by Embassy of United Kingdom in Belgrade, Mr Stephen  Wordsworth.
    March 2011 – Receiving Rowing Club “University of Belgrade” in the Rowing Federation of Serbia
    September 2011 – The organization of international university rowing regatta “Captain Miša” in Belgrade.
    December 2011 – Agreement between the of the University of Belgrade and JP Ada Ciganlija in order to jointly invest in the construction of premises for the needs of the rowing club “University of Belgrade.”
    May 2012 – The opening ceremony of the rooms of the Club in Ada Ciganlija.